Covid 19: As the Community Opens

globe with mask colour


Our Priorities:

  • The health and safety of those we serve, our staff, and volunteers
  • To continue to deliver on the mission of the Chinook Sexual Assault Centre
  • To support the emotional and economic recovery of our community and region
  • To meet our commitments in service of and for others

Guiding Principles:

  • Provide services to the public based on the expert advice and evidence provided by the leadership of the Province of Alberta and the Government of Canada
  • Listen to the needs of those we serve
  • To communicate well
  • To be flexible
  • To be innovative in the delivery of services

At no time will the CSAC place staff or those we serve at unreasonable risk. We invest heavily in our health and safety program at the CSAC; abide by Occupational Health and Safety Legislation/Regulations and support staff and those we serve in their emotional health. That being stated, as we are excited by the opportunity of the world opening up again. Covid 19 and its varients remain a potential threat and will likley be with us for some time. The CSAC must be ready to serve and balance this unknown into the future. We will do this with proper precautions and good information with expert advice as a guide. 

You will determine what works best for you. We are open and accepting walk in's, phone sessions, and video meetings - all can be accomodated. 

Please call us at 403-694-1094 or 1-844-576-2512.

If presenting in person at the CSAC expect the following:

  • If a bylaw is in place that makes mask wearing mandatory, we will enforce the bylaw. We can provide you with a mask.
  • If the bylaw is repealed it is your choice to wear a mask, it is also the staff's choice to wear a mask.
  • We ask you to come on your own or give us a heads up if others will be in attendance. This is a small space and social distancing may assist in making eveyone feel comfortable.
  • We will ask to take your temperature - anyone with a temperature at 38C or higher MUST leave - we can meet via phone
  • We will ask you a series of questions regarding your symptoms - this is to reduce the risk of infection - people with symptoms such as a cough, fever, shortness of breath (or difficulty breathing), sore throat or a running nose (when not an allergy) will be asked to go home - we will meet with you by phone or video.
  • We will ask you to use hand sanitizer upon entry to the CSAC
  • We can provide you with a small packet of hand sanitizer to use after you leave the Professional Building (this is for your ongoing safety as you will have used either the elevator or staircase and touched points that others have touched)

Staff performs cleaning of all touchpoints following in-person meetings and throughout the workday.